Virtual Mandarin Storytime 网上普通话故事时间

Join us for a BRAND-NEW world language storytime! Come and enjoy stories and songs in Mandarin with us on Zoom. This storytime is for children ages 0-5.

欢迎加入我们全新的世界语言故事时间! 来和我们一起在Zoom上欣赏普通话的故事和歌曲。这个故事时间适合0-5岁的孩子参加。

Sign up for Mandarin Storytime on Zoom HERE.


Download this fill-in-the-blank activity for storytime! May Activity. June Activity.

请点击此处下载本月故事时间的填字游戏!五月. 六月.

Zoom Storytime Guidelines:

  • Never leave your child unattended at the computer. Caretaker participation and guidance is essential for a productive, valuable storytime. We are doing our best to ensure that this space is as safe as possible, but please keep in mind that all library programs are open to the public.
  • When you arrive for storytime, you will be placed in a waiting room before the start of the program. We will begin admitting patrons to the storytime room around 5 minutes before the start of the program. In order to be admitted to the storytime room, you must respond to the chat message from a library staff member. We will stop admitting participants into storytime 10 minutes after the program begin
  • You will be muted when you arrive at the meeting, but there will be opportunities to unmute and participate with songs and rhymes. Our staff may mute you at any time so as not to distract other participants.
  • Staff reserves the right to remove any participant from the program if they are in violation of the Appropriate Patron Behavior Policy.



  • 切勿让您的孩子在无人看管的情况下使用电脑。监护人的参与和指导将对孩子的故事时间产生有益和积极的影响。我们正在尽最大努力确保故事时间的环境尽可能的安全。我们图书馆的所活动都是对公众开放的。
  • 当您点击进入故事时间时,您将被安排在节目开始前的等候室。我们将在活动开始前5分钟接收读者进入故事室。要进入故事室,您必须回复图书馆工作人员的聊天信息。在活动开始10分钟后,我们将停止接收参与者进入故事室。
  • 当您到达会场后,您将被静音,但您有机会解除静音,并参与歌曲和童谣。我们的工作人员可以在任何时候让您静音,以避免分散其他与会者的注意力。
  • 如果任何参与者违反了 Appropriate Patron Behavior Policy (适当的顾客行为政策),工作人员有权将他们从活动中移除。




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This event finished on 10 June 2021


361 Washington Street, Brookline, MA 02445, United States


Live closed captioning available on request.

Need aids or accommodations? Email our administration team or give us a call at 617-730-2360 for more information.

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