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Traditional Chinese and Contemporary Paintings by Sue Yang and her past and present students

Through December 29, 2016
Coolidge Corner Branch Library


Rosanne DiStefano with Sue Yang in front of Meditation Slow Walking 1,2,3,4 by Sue Yang

This exhibit is in its 8th year of annual showings, and is being held at the Coolidge Corner Branch Library for the first time. Sue teaches at the School of Museum of Fine Arts at Tufts University, and the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. There are 19 works in this exhibition in various media: ink, watercolor, and mixed media. In addition to Sue, participating artists are: Arian Agnew, Mark Burke, Karla De Greet, Rosanne DiStefano, Priscilla Fitch, Joan Kelly, Tamara Nary, Cynthia Samoiloff, Ludua Voronina, Edward Wang, and Ginger Zeller.

Author/Illustrator Dan Moynihan: Hiding Dinosaurs

November 4, 2016 – January 3, 2017
Main Library, First Floor: Emery and Lobby Cases


Local author-illustrator Dan Moynihan shows how he created his children’s picture book, Hiding Dinosaurs. See the whole process, from sketches to storyboards to final paintings — and even miniature models of the dinosaurs.

Dan Moynihan: “I am a children’s book author-illustrator and cartoonist living in Brookline.  My book Hiding Dinosaurs was published in 2015 by Holiday House.  My comics have appeared in Nickelodeon Magazine, Heeby Jeeby Comix, and many anthologies.  My art has been exhibited at Boston’s Children’s Museum, Society of Illustrators, Danforth Museum, Giant Robot, and elsewhere around the country.

I love to create stories in pictures.  I try to draw and paint freely and spontaneously, leaving room for the unexpected.  My artwork naturally comes from a place of joy, and I hope that it brings joy to both children and adults.  I also love to engage both children and adults in collaborative art-making and story-telling activities.  I enjoy and value connecting with my community through art.”


Diane Chester-Demicco: Rocks and Whirls

November 4, 2016 – January 3, 2017
Main Library, First Floor: Foundation Case


Diane Chester-Demicco, a Brookline resident, creates her nature-based glass, bronze, and mixed- media sculpture to reflect her great passion for the natural world, both existent and fantasized. An avid hiker, she explores trails in local and distant sanctuaries and beaches gathering inspiration that is incorporated into her personal vision of natural phenomena: hidden earth minerals, uniquely shaped rocks, mountains, vortices and layered slate walls, all tempered by ever-changing light.


Photography by Frank Curran and Fred Sway

November 6, 2016 – January 3, 2017
Main Library, Second Floor: The Gallery in Hunneman Hall


Opening Reception: Saturday, November 5: 2:30-4:00pm


BUSM Development Scholars Dinner 2016

Frank Curran


Fred Sway

Fred Sway: “A few years ago, in my search for colorful subjects, I started photographing storefronts and signage.  The photographs presented in this exhibit were made this year and feature sunlit objects of intense color: highlights which play across surfaces; chiaroscuro; and the reflections, seams, and blemishes which appear.  After discovery of my subject in the camera, I align it with the blue of the sky.  I hope that these simple photos of light and color challenge your eye.  I have taught photography at Southern Illinois University; photographed for the Gillette Co.; directed New England School of Photography; and directed Boston University’s photo services.”

Frank Curran:  “My exhibit features images from a 3-day photo sojourn to NYC last July.  While not conscious of doing so at the time, I was engaged in some version of  ‘street photography’.  As a photographer, there cannot be many cities that present a fuller canvas of possible imagery to explore.  Being a NYC native, I had the advantage of a comfort level I probably would not have had in a more exotic locale.  The neighborhoods were selected based on their proximity via subway to my small hotel room.  I did not seek out any specific events where people may be gathering.  No need.  There’s always something going on in the City.  I have been a working photographer for more than 30 years and have studied with Carl Chiarenza, Stephan Gersh, and Chris Enos.  I was a staff photographer at Boston City Hospital and have been a freelance photographer for the past 18 years.”


Interested in exhibiting your work at the Public Library of Brookline? Review our Art Exhibition Policy and read about the specifics of exhibiting at the Brookline Village Library, the Coolidge Corner Library or the Putterham Library.

Brookline Village Exhibit Areas

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Teen Room:

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The Gallery in Hunneman Hall — located on the second floor

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