Paintings and Prints by Florence Warren

Coolidge Corner Library
January 9 – February 24, 2017
Media/Techniques: oil and acrylic paint on canvas, monoprinting, collage


In her career as a painter, teacher and museum educator, Florence Warren has immersed herself in the world of art: its history, cultural influence and aesthetic richness. Her award-winning work blends linear and painterly elements with classical and popular symbols to explore themes of politics, women’s issues and the environment.

In a review by New York Times art critic Phyllis Braff, Florence Warren’s work was recognized as among the best in a show at the Firehouse Gallery in New York and she received an award for excellence. She was awarded first prize in graphics at the Commonwealth Museum in Boston in 2016.

Florence Warren was a docent at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York for over 20 years, lecturing on the Chinese and Modern Art. She taught art at Freeport High School in New York. She received her BA in Art Education from Hofstra University and her MA in Art from Adelphi University.

Florence Warren currently lives in Brookline, Massachusetts.

Portals by Hilde-Kari Guttormsen

Brookline Village Library, Second Floor: The Gallery in Hunneman Hall
Jan. 6-Mar. 5, 2017
Opening: Thursday, Jan. 19: 6-8 p.m. in Hunneman Hall
Artist talk: Sunday, Feb. 5: 3-4 p.m. in Hunneman Hall

Portals by Hilde-Kari Guttormsen is on view in the Foundation Case and Hunneman Hall at the Brookline Village Library from January 6 through March 5. Guttormsen is a local painter and sculptor with a background in medicine and science. Her exhibit Portals is inspired by ancient Norwegian stone art. In her work, she transforms the archaic, long lasting markings on stone into more ephemeral materials to better understand their form and beauty. Her opening reception is Thursday, Jan. 19 from 6-8 p.m. with local musician Jay Ottaway and his acoustic-based trio playing original and classic rock music. All are invited to attend.

The Brookline-Quezalguaque Sister City

Brookline Village Library, First Floor: Emery & Lobby Cases
Jan. 6-Mar. 5, 2017

The Brookline-Quezalguaque Sister City Project invites you to visit the lobby cases between January 6 and March 5 at the Main Library. Enjoy photos of their projects and accomplishments. They also ask you to support the Library’s book sale in February, proceeds of which will go directly to support Brookline’s Sister City. Gracias!

Past Exhibits

Interested in exhibiting your work at the Public Library of Brookline? Review our Art Exhibition Policy and read about the specifics of exhibiting at the Brookline Village Library, the Coolidge Corner Library or the Putterham Library.

Brookline Village Exhibit Areas

First floor:

  • Foundation Case — located in the west entrance foyer near School St.
  • Emery & Lobby Cases — in the main lobby across from the new nonfiction books.
  • Brookline 300th Display Case — in the Reference Room

Children’s Room:

  • at the entrance
  • across from the Circulation Desk
  • all around the room.

Teen Room:

  • Near the entrance to the Teen Comics & Graphic Novel hallway

The Gallery in Hunneman Hall — located on the second floor

The Gallery in Hunneman Hall is open up to 30 minutes before closing as long as the hall is not is use. For scheduled programs and events, check our events calendar. If the track lights are off when you arrive, the (labelled) switches are just inside the door to your right.