Brookline Open Studios Preview Show

Main Library, First Floor: Foundation Case, and Second Floor: Hunneman Hall

Preview Show: March 9-April 23, 2017
Preview Show Reception: April 23, 2017 1-3:30 p.m.
Open Studios Weekend: April 29-30, 2017


This year, Brookline Open Studios Weekend will be held Saturday, April 29 and Sunday, April 30.  Since 1986, Open Studios has been an annual springtime event, held in locations all over Brookline.  This event encourages interaction and creative exchange between artists and offers the community opportunities to experience a range of vibrant and creative works of art.  The Brookline Open Studios Preview Show is now on view at the Main Library in the Foundation Case and Hunneman Hall through April 23.  It features the work of Brookline artists participating in Brookline Open Studios Weekend, and this year includes work by: Seth Aaronson, Jon Amburg, Martin R. Anderson, John Bassett, Evelyn Berde, Barry Briss, Martha Chason-Sokol, Darlene DiBona, Jean-Pierre Dubreuil, Madeline Fine, Ruth Ginsberg-Place, Susan J. Harmon, Sarah Harrington, Gillian Jackson, Audra Keefe, Ariel Kessler, Soyoung L. Kim, Marcela Klicova, Mirela Kulovic, Bette Ann Libby, Samantha Lindsay, Carolyn E. Lovit, Judy Mason, Maryellen Moran, Leon Nathan, Peg O’Connell, Robin Okun, Joseph Perkell, Peggy Peterson, Diane Piktialis, Debra Rose, Frances Schreiber, Aaron Seidman, Karen Stern, Sheryl Williams, and Yemado.

A closing public reception will be held Sunday, April 23 from 1-3:30 p.m.  Come to the reception, find the art or artist you would like to see more of during Open Studios weekend, and circle the artist’s location on the brochure!


The Methane Gas Leaks Movement in Massachusetts: How It Got Rolling

Main Library, First Floor: Emery and Lobby Cases
March 7 through April 25, 2017

How does a movement gain momentum? 

A movement gains momentum when different people in different walks of life come together to create change.

How do the pieces of the puzzle fit together?

In a five-year period, we in Massachusetts went from knowing very little about leaking natural (methane) gas and the implications for climate change, to a revolution in thinking about the problem. Methane: this greenhouse gas — that is 85 times more potent than carbon dioxide — is the single largest contributor to the net carbon footprint of Massachusetts.  This exhibit will follow the evolution of a movement and show you where things stand now.

What would you as a citizen of Brookline like to see happen?  

Learn more at the exhibit, The Gas Leaks Movement in Massachusetts: How It Got Rolling.


“Rhapsody in Color,”  acrylics by Musia Watkins

Coolidge Corner Branch Library
Through April 28, 2017


“In 1997 I emigrated with my husband to the United States from Johannesburg, South Africa, by way of Lithuania – first to Newton and now to Brookline, where I am happily part of the lives of my children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren.

My first foray into the world of art, at age 40, was as a sculptor.  In Johannesburg I studied sculpture at the Yarazinska Art Studio and the Parks and Recreation Art School.  I was completely absorbed by the tactile feel of working with the various materials – stone, wood, plaster, and bronze.  I feel forms should have life and be vital.  However, due to the physicality of sculpture, I have recently switched to painting – and I love it!

By painting in a unique and individual way I have resisted the tendency to relate my art to a style or concept.  I try to maintain a certain amount of elegance in my work.  Half the excitement of starting a new painting is not knowing what will happen, how it will develop and how it will turn out.  The combination of self-criticism and a bit of ambition is part of the mind-set for me.

Art should elicit a visceral response.  I like to feel that I am portraying the painting like an actor portrays the role.  An artist has to navigate into the unknown, keep up a set of standards which are imposed from within oneself, and maintain the hope that the task that has been set is worth struggling for.  I love color and try to express the joy and drama that color gives.  I endeavor to capture the essence and try to animate the subject by the color.

Working in the realm of abstraction allows me to create a small community in a small universe.”    –  Musia Watkins

Past Exhibits

Interested in exhibiting your work at the Public Library of Brookline? Review our Art Exhibition Policy and read about the specifics of exhibiting at the Brookline Village Library, the Coolidge Corner Library or the Putterham Library.

Brookline Village Exhibit Areas

First floor:

  • Foundation Case — located in the west entrance foyer near School St.
  • Emery & Lobby Cases — in the main lobby across from the new nonfiction books.
  • Brookline 300th Display Case — in the Reference Room

Children’s Room:

  • at the entrance
  • across from the Circulation Desk
  • all around the room.

Teen Room:

  • Near the entrance to the Teen Comics & Graphic Novel hallway

The Gallery in Hunneman Hall — located on the second floor

The Gallery in Hunneman Hall is open up to 30 minutes before closing as long as the hall is not is use. For scheduled programs and events, check our events calendar. If the track lights are off when you arrive, the (labelled) switches are just inside the door to your right.