Wisdom and Memories: Brookline Seniors and The Reunion Project by photographer Lora Brody

Brookline Village Library, Second Floor: The Gallery in Hunneman Hall

January 17 through March 12, 2018

Opening Reception: Saturday, January 20, from 2-4 PM 

Nearly 50 Brookline senior women from both Goddard House and the Brookline Senior Center participated in The Reunion Project, a combination of art and narrative, designed to encourage older women to reflect on their memories and recognize the wisdom that comes with age.

The project culminates in an art exhibit featuring photographs and quotations that will be on display in Hunneman Hall at the Brookline Village Library. The exhibit will open Wednesday, January 17 and will be on display through Tuesday, March 12. There will be an opening reception at the Library on Saturday, Jan. 20 from 2-4 PM.  The public is invited.

Ginny Mazur, Community Partnership Director at Goddard House, learned about the project and recognized its potential benefits for senior women and for the community. She remarked, “When I look at the younger- and older-self photos, I imagine all the life lived in between them.”

Lora Brody was invited to conduct The Reunion Project in Brookline. The project was welcomed by Senior Center Director Ruthann Dobek, who remarked, “It’s important to promote a positive image of aging with an emphasis on people’s history and the wisdom people bring to their life experiences.”

Frank Caro, co-chair of the BrooklineCAN Steering Committee, enthusiastically endorsed the project and BrooklineCAN (Brookline Community Aging Network) joined in as a sponsor.

From the collection of Roy MacKenzie: A Lifetime of Robots

Brookline Village Library, First Floor: Foundation Case

January 6 through February 4, 2018

“My name is Roy MacKenzie, and I am a member of the Reference Department (Brookline Village) at the Public Library of Brookline.  As you may have guessed, I’m very fond of robots.  This collection represents some of the many different robots I’ve accumulated over the years.  My interest in robots started when I was very young, and it continues to this day.  I hope that my display brings you some delight.”

From the Brookline Historical Society: Place and Faces in Brookline Village

Brookline Village Library, First Floor: Emery and Lobby Cases

January 3 through March 12, 2018

Past Exhibits

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Brookline Village Exhibit Areas

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The Gallery in Hunneman Hall — located on the second floor

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