One-on-One Appointment

  • Need help with using a software application, a new device, or general technology assistance? Whether you're looking to read ebooks on your tablet or need assistance formatting a document, our librarians are here to help with a personalized one-on-one help session.
    Please note:

    • This form is to schedule a one-on-one at the Brookline Village Library.
    • Appointments are 30 minutes long.
    • These sessions are educational in nature. Please have a clear goal for what you would like to learn during your session.
    • Librarians can assist you in learning how to accomplish your goals; we cannot do them for you (e.g., we can show you how to format a resume, but we cannot format it for you).
    • Librarians cannot troubleshoot or fix malfunctioning devices, take apart or replace physical parts on a device, or participate in credit card transactions.
    • Please arrive with all the necessary passwords needed to access your device or accounts and be sure to bring in any device you need help with.

    Please fill out the form below. A librarian will follow up with you via phone or email within 48 hours.

  • Please indicate what days you are available to meet.
  • What time of day are you generally available to meet?
  • Please describe what we can help you with.