We're excited to announce Coolidge Corner Library will reopen on Sunday, December 2. Additionally, Putterham Library has returned to its regular hours.



Our study collection, located near the computers in the Teen Room, include reference works for students, including the basics in standard subjects like geometry and history, citation guides, science fair project ideas, and dictionaries.

In our nonfiction section, we have titles on study skills, time management, testing, college guides, and stress management.


If you are working on a research project for school, remember to check out the nonfiction sections in each area: Children’s, Teen and Adult.  Remember, if you find one call number for a title that you want, that same number can be found in Children’s, Teen and Adult, and we will have books on the same topics under that number.

The nonfiction section in the Teen Room is focused on recreational nonfiction — those titles that are true stories we want to read for fun as well as learning about the world — while our research collection for high school students and older are shelved with the adult nonfiction.

Working on a specific assignment?  Not sure where to start?

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At the library, we provide access to resources that are provided especially for students.  Whether you’re gearing up for the SATs or need a primary source for a paper due tomorrow, our online resources are full of useful articles, essays, and up-to-date information on the latest science.

What are you researching?

Read on to browse our online collections for reliable sources for every research project and paper.

Start Here

Brittanica Online School Edition

For brief articles and all your basic information needs.


In-depth academic articles from a range of disciplines.

Oxford English Dictionary

For all your etymology questions. (Go ahead, look up etymology.)

Research in Context

Start here for any topic and find information from five different trusted reference titles.

 Authors and Books

Literature Resource Center

Need literary criticism on one title? An author bio?  Look no further.


Biography in Context

Great Events in History: Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Events

Massachusetts History Online

Need to investigate a local town landmark?  Check out this collection.

Speeches in World History

How does the Gettysburg Address start again? …

U.S. History in Context

Where to start with that history paper on the Civil War…

World History in Context

Do you know that Henry II of England created our modern jury system?  Find out how here.

Politics and Social Studies

A to Z World

Country profiles and all the stats you might want about nations around the globe.

Encyclopedia of American Immigration

All the basics for your immigration research project.

Encyclopedia of the United States Constitution

The nitty-gritty on the Constitution.

Global Issues in Context

To find out the history behind the latest news story…

National Geographic Archive (1888-1994)

See just why it’s been around for over 125 years…

Opposing Viewpoints in Context

Debating the pros and cons of a topic? Read through both sides of the argument here.


Encyclopedia of Physical Science

Quick: Name all the types of quarks…

The Facts on File Space and Astronomy Handbook

Get ready for when The Martian becomes the real deal.

Great Lives from History: Inventors and Inventions

Edison or Tesla?  Bell or Gray? Create your inventor MVP team here.

Science in Context

Why was the large hadron collider such a big deal, anyway?

The Solar System

No, Pluto is still not a planet. Sadly, for some.