Contactless Pickup

How Contactless Pickup Works

Holds can only be picked up at the branch they were ordered from. The steps are:

  1. Place a hold on library material. You can do this via the online catalog or MLN app, or call / chat with a librarian.
  2. Wait until you’ve been notified that your hold is ready to pick up.
  3. Visit us during our hours to pick up your materials; no appointment is necessary.

What to Expect

When you pick up your holds, you should expect:

  • You can come anytime during our hours! No appointment necessary.
  • You must wear a mask / face covering over your nose and mouth.
  • Tell your name to the staff member at the door. (You may need to open the door to see us, depending on weather.)
  • Staff will grab your materials off our holds shelf and check them out for you.
  • Once staff have set your materials in front of the plexiglass, you can grab your items and leave.

If you’re homebound or unable to wear a mask, contact Mutual Aid Brookline to pick up your library materials for you.

Still have questions?

Wondering about craft kits, what to do with materials you no longer want, or other common questions? Take a look at our Contactless Pickup Frequently Asked Questions.