Due to a facilities issue, the Brookline Room is currently closed and its materials are unavailable.

Museum Passes

Passes Available

At the Library of Brookline we offer the following museum passes to our residents and patrons to save on museum visits and trips. The passes are paid for by the Brookline Library Foundation. Click on the museum picture to visit that museum's website.

Reserving a pass

Brookline residents may make advance reservations online, in person at the Brookline Village Library, or by calling 617-730-2370. To connect to the museum pass reservation line, press 4 during the automated voice menu.
Passes may be reserved up to eight weeks prior to use.

To reserve a museum pass, a person must:

  • Be a Brookline resident or a Town of Brookline Employee
  • Have a valid library card
  • Owe less than $10 in fines

Pass limits

  • Only one pass may be reserved per library card for a specific date
  • Passes for the same museum may not be borrowed on the same library card on consecutive days
  • Only four passes may be reserved per card at any one time

Picking up  and returning passes

Patrons must pick up passes at the Brookline Village Main Information Desk at 361 Washington Street.

Paper passes

  • *New!* May be picked up the day that you book the pass. You may book passes up to 8 weeks in advance.
  • Must be picked up by noon the day of the reservation (2pm on Sunday for Sunday passes)
  • Do not need to be returned

The JFK Library & Musuem pass is a hard-copy pass. This pass:

  • May be picked up one day before the day of the reservation
  • Must be picked up by noon the day of the reservation (2pm on Sunday for Sunday passes)
  • Must be returned by the opening hour the day after use
  • May be returned in the book drop using the envelope provided when the library is closed
  • The late return fine for any reusable museum pass is $10.00 per day with a $30.00 maximum. Fee for a lost pass is $25.00

Late pick ups

If you are running late, please call us at 617-730-2370.  All passes may be given away on a first come/first served basis if not picked up by the times listed above.

Canceling a pass

You can cancel the pass online yourself until the day before use under My Passes.  After that, please call us at 617-730-2370 and we will cancel it for you.