The Public Library of Brookline 3D Printing Services Policy

Guidelines for use

  • For questions regarding schedules for builds email
  • Submit requests to print through the 3D Printing Request Form online here.
  • Patrons must have a valid library card and must leave their email address and phone number.
  • All designs must be submitted in .stl file format (no larger than 25MB). All items must be less than six inches in all dimensions.
  • Items may be printed at fast, standard, or high quality. High quality takes the longest. Patrons who wish to see samples should email
  • Files must take less than 5 hours to print, and must be completed during normal Library operating hours.
  • No hazardous or offensive items.
  • The Library reserves the right to decline any print job.
  • We will assess a charge of $0.25 (twenty five cents) per gram, as estimated by the printer software.
  • Patrons will pay for material used on their build by weight, including the weight of any cancelled or flawed prints. Payment is to be made at time of pickup. The Library can only accept cash payments for print jobs at this time.
  • Library staff will determine if a build is too large or complex and will suggest using a commercial service.
  • It is sometimes difficult to estimate exact print times. Library staff will make an educated guess about the length of a job upon request.
  • If there is high demand, the Library will schedule only one print per day per person or entity. Priority on the use of the 3D printer will be given to library staff and Brookline residents.

The Library cannot guarantee model quality or stability, nor confidentiality of designs. Responsibility for removing rafts and supports is up to the user. Patrons may see slight imperfections in their prints. Small bumps or holes and rough edges at the base of an object may occur with 3D printing. These imperfections can often be minimized with fine sand paper or other tools.
The Library makes no commitment to being able to produce print submissions in a specific timeframe and will choose the order in which jobs are printed to maximize efficiency and give as many people as possible a chance to obtain a print.

Items must be picked up by the individual who submitted them or their designee, using valid ID. Items not picked up within 14 days after being printed become the property of the Public Library of Brookline and the cost of the print and any flawed or cancelled print will be added to the patron’s record.

Patrons are not allowed to have hands-on-access to the 3D printer, only designated library employees will have hands-on access to the 3D printer.

The Public Library of Brookline 3D printers and related equipment may only be used for lawful purposes in compliance with Library policies. Patrons may not upload, transmit, display, or create content that violates any law, privacy or property right. For example, you cannot reproduce material subject to copyright, patent, or trademark protection.

On occasion the 3D printer may operate in a public area, and have an Internet-enabled camera that captures images of the items being printed. Still images and/or video of the printing process may be posted on a public website. The Library does not make any promise that any particular print will be confidential or private. The identity of the submitter of a job will fall under the same legal protection that extends to the privacy of the intellectual content of borrowers of library material.

Voted by the Board of Library Trustees May 2016