ideaSPACE Fabrication Services

Have an idea that’s too big for our circulating ideaSPACE collection? Our ideaSPACE Team is happy to help! We offer on-demand laser cutting and 3D printing services for the cost of materials.

How Does It Work?

  1. You send us your design through the form below. We can accept laser cutting designs as .png or .jpg files and 3D printing designs as links to publicly hosted .stl files (like Tinkercad or Thingiverse designs).
  2. We get making! Our ideaSPACE Team will reach out with any questions they have about your design, then produce it on our machines.
  3. You pick up your project at the Library location of your choice and pay for the cost of material used – 25¢ per square inch of laser cutting or 25¢ per gram of 3D printing plastic.

ideaSPACE Fabrication Request