Donate & Buy Books

The Friends of the Brookline Library accept donations of books and other materials, including CDs, DVDs, tapes, videos, audio books, LPs, magazines and both video and board games. (Please exclude books missing covers, pages (including brittle or loose), or with mold or mildew. Also, exclude textbooks more than 5 years old. Items in poor condition will be discarded.) Items may be dropped at any time at the loading dock at the rear of the Brookline Village library, off School St. If you need a tax receipt or assistance, please drop them off between 9 and 4 on weekdays and ring the bell for a staff member. Please do not drop large amounts of items at the circulation desk, and do not place any in the book drops. Email for information about pickups.


What happens to these materials? The vast majority is sold in the Friends Book Sale. Of the remaining items, most are donated to local charities and a small percentage are sold online through an independent agent, from whom the Friends receive a percentage of the sales price.

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