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    To send in an interlibrary loan (ILL) request, fill out as much information as you can below. Author and title are required. Please note we only accept requests from registered borrowers, so you will need to enter your library card number as well. We ask that you limit your requests to five outstanding at any given time.

    Note on Fees
    Due to a severe cut in state funding to libraries, costs that had been paid for by the state are now being charged back to the local library. The Public Library of Brookline will try to locate and borrow items from libraries that do not charge lending fees and are within our state delivery system. In those instances where this is not possible, there may be a cost for postage and/or a fee payable to the library owning the item.
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  • Please note, we can only accept ILL requests for items published over one year ago.

  • If the item is not available without incurring a fee,

  • By answering yes to the above questions you are accepting responsibility for the costs specified above. Once the request has been submitted, you will be responsible for all costs incurred, even if you do not check out the item. Failure to pay the charges will lead to loss of library privileges until the fees are paid in full.

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